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What to do next

Below is some general guidance
for the first few months of birth.

From 0 months

Re-positioning techniques
The preferred treatment from this age. Use Tummy Time re-positioning to off load flattened areas and keep monitoring. TIP: take photos to monitor your baby's head shape.

Contact us for your plagiocephaly advice pack including tummy time tips

From 2 months

Continue to monitor progress
Abnormal shapes from birth usually resolve by 8 weeks. In most cases the condition will improve as the child grows and through active repositioning. If your baby finds it difficult to look in both directions, or you are concerned about the shape of your baby’s head, contact your GP or health visitor.

If repositioning has failed, you may wish to get in touch with us to book an assessment.

From 4 months

STARband™ support

If there is no improvement with repositioning alone, we can use our STARscanner™ to objectively assess the head shape.  If treatment is offered, the STARband™ helmet can be used to gently re-shape your baby's head and guide growth into a more normal shape.

Contact your nearest Steeper Clinic to arrange an assessment.

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