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The latest non-invasive laser scanning technique to quickly, safely and accurately measure the shape of a babies head, and create a custom made STARband™.

A STARscanner™ summary report is shown to the right: the red line is the initial scan, the blue line is the follow-up scan. It shows areas of growth, as well as reporting many measurements and calculations of head shape.


STARscanner™ features:

Superior precision
Measures to 0.5mm, provides a custom helmet to fit your baby’s head.

Scans quickly in less than 1.5 seconds.

Eye and baby-safe, the safest scanner type available.

The STARScanner™ provides an objective report to show the changes of shape in a clear and visual way.  This means we can clearly compare before treatment, during and after to monitor changes.

This superior technology is only available to Steeper Clinic in London, Leeds and Newcastle.

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