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Tummy Time Tips

Tummy time is the time your baby spends on his or her tummy during the day whilst awake.

Why is tummy time important?
Deformational plagiocephaly is a common condition and is characterised by flattening of one side of the back of the head. Whilst this is a mainly a cosmetic problem, and will not affect the function of the brain, increased tummy time is a great way of taking the pressure off any flattened areas. It also helps to build strong neck and back muscles, which will help your baby to learn to roll, sit and crawl as they grow.

Following these easy steps and increasing tummy time can reduce the chance of deformational plagiocephaly and help to treat the condition:

Always supervise tummy time.  Never allow your baby to sleep on their tummy and always position your baby on their back to sleep.

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