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Roman’s story

Roman Legg, a baby with plagiocephaly from Portway, Banbury, is now being treated with a STARband cranial remodelling helmet at Steeper Clinic in Leeds, thanks to the generosity of his local community…

Roman, who is 7 months old, was born ten weeks early, with medical problems including plagiocephaly. Despite using repositioning techniques like ‘tummy time’, Roman’s flat head syndrome wasn’t improving significantly.

To correct the head shape abnormality, Roman needed treatment using a cranial remodelling orthosis (helmet), but unfortunately, this treatment is currently unavailable on the NHS.

His mum, Tammy Williams, needed to raise the money to pay for the helmet, and thanks to a fundraising appeal launched in the Banbury Guardian in August, donations flooded in from across the local community.

Roman was fitted with a STARband helmet in August 2011, and treatment is going really well. The symmetry of Roman’s head has been significantly improved, with the oblique diagonal difference being reduced from 15.8mm to 5.3mm.

Kate Chauhan, Head Clinical Orthotist at Steeper Clinic, said: “It’s fantastic to see communities coming together to help treat babies with plagiocephaly, and we are delighted that Roman has got the treatment he needed. Because we started with the STARband nice and early, he has responded really well to the treatment programme. We expect that it will be a complete success, and he will be out of the helmet in a few weeks.”

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