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Every child deserves a head start in life

We’re here to provide you with specialist advice and treatment of plagiocephaly, helping your child regain normal head shape.

A recent study indicates that almost 1 in 2 babies are affected by plagiocephaly, also known as ‘flat head syndrome’.  Our approach is simple: earlier detection, increased awareness and education for parents. 

At Steeper Clinic, we provide Plagiocephaly Assessments to give parents an objective evaluation on the condition of your child’s head shape.

Using the latest scanning technology, exclusively available to our clinics in the UK, SmartSoc™ is highly precise, quick, and safe.  The system is specially designed to precisely measure and assess the severity level of plagiocephaly in babies.

Re-positioning is the first line of treatment, however if this has not proven to be effective we offer the world leading STARband™ helmet to help guide growth and restore normal head shape in babies.

If you are a parent concerned about your child’s head shape, contact us today for advice on what to do next.

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