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Orthotics involves assessing and applying orthoses appliances to support and promote normal movement as well as restrict unwanted movement to maximise outcomes.

Orthoses covers the whole body from head to toe; this includes head orthoses, spinal supports, knee braces to foot / ankle orthoses and everything in between.

At Steeper Clinic we use advanced laser scanning and CADCAM technology to manufacture custom orthoses for each client. We have clinical specialists in all areas of orthotics - click on the areas below for more information:

Sports Orthotics

From the enthusiastic amateur to the high level performer, no athlete likes to be hindered by injury or discomfort.

Knee Braces

Knee Braces can help to reduce the impact of arthritic damage, reduce pain and improve mobility.  It can also help to support a ligament deficient knee joint during activities such as skiing, wakeboarding and football.

Neuro Orthotics

Orthotics plays an important role in successful rehabilitation; it helps to promote normal function and prevent unwanted movements when faced with a neurological condition.

Paediatric Orthotics

Every child is different; at Steeper Clinic we work with you to find the most effective orthotic treatment for your child.

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