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Specialist plagiocephaly clinic relocates to West London

26th January 2014

Steeper Clinic's London site upgrades to modern purpose built premises in Alperton, West London.

With the reported rise in numbers of babies with plagiocephaly (also known as flat head syndrome) in recent years, the London site is investing in new premises to cater for the needs of young patients and their families.

Relocating from central London to the new premises in Alperton is the unique STARscanner™, a state of the art system specially made to precisely measure and assess the treatment of plagiocephaly in babies and is exclusive to Steeper Clinic in the UK.  This superior technology helps to provide a custom made helmet called a STARband™ - the world’s leading orthotic treatment, to gently guide growth and restore normal head shape. A short video demonstrating the treatment journey is available to watch here.

“We are very excited to bring our expertise in the treatment of plagiocephaly to the new location in West London. The new building seamlessly combines a sophisticated space for our patients with a very child-friendly atmosphere” said Mark Smith, Clinical Services Manager.

“The new larger premises allows our patients from all across London, and the surrounding southern regions, to experience the accessibility and comfort of modern purpose built facilities. We look forward to welcoming our patients to the new site.”


As well as providing leading plagiocephaly treatment, the Clinic also specialises in the assessment, design and fitting of a range of orthotic devices to help restore mobility and independence. Conditions may include sports injuries, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis complications, cerebral palsy, and treatment is tailored to meet individual patients needs.

For further information about Steeper Clinic and our specialist plagiocephaly treatment for babies and orthotic services, please telephone 0113 207 0432.

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